The winners of the Acteurs du Libre contest 2023 were announced at OSXP

As part of the Open Source Experience conference, the Acteurs du Libre contest is proposed and organized by the French CNLL. It aims at promoting and giving more visiblity to the open source sector, and awards free Software companies, entrepreneurs, projects and associations that make notable contributions to open source and free software.

Six awards are distributed in the following categories: the Committed Public Service Award, the European Award in collaboration with APELL, the Business Development Award, the Best Open Source Strategy Award, the Open and Edthical Digital Award, and the Jury’s Special Award.

The European price in collaboration with APELL was created recently and given for the second time only. APELL contributes in the organization and promotion of this price, using its large network of open source european actors, associations and foundations to find new candidates. Last year's price was given to SUSE.

This year on December 6, 2023, Nextcloud received this price. The collaborative platform and file hosting site, was rewarded by the jury for the clarity of its vision and for its strong growth (forecasts of +60% in revenue for this year and +50% in the number of employees) . Nextcloud also provides a testimony of fruitful coexistence between a commercial company growing organically and an open source community (100% of the code is open source), the two parties evolving together.

Five others prizes were distributed : Best Open Source Strategy Award(CS Group); Best Business Development Award (Gatling Corp) ; Open and Ethical Digital Award (Biblibre); Committed Public Service Award (Parc national des Ecrins); Jury's Special Prize (Kotzilla).

See the full results on the Press Release (in French) here.

Read the related Nextcloud blog post here.


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