Open Source Sweden joins APELL as its fifth Associate Member

PRESS RELEASE 22/02/2021

APELL is growing further at a critical juncture for open source companies in Europe

Brussels, Belgium — On Monday 22 February, Open Source Sweden became an Associate Member of the Europe’s Open Source Business Association APELL. The growth in APELL’s membership shows a positive political climate around open technologies, and a general need for the OSS industry to join forces vis-à-vis the policy-makers.

With the European Commission’s new Open Source Software Strategy published last year, the Commission’s Open Source Economic Impact Study results soon to be published, and the upcoming Commission Communication on Europe’s Digital Decade, there is room to engage with relevant stakeholders and build capacity for the European OSS companies.

As regards the new membership, the Open Source Sweden Board member Tomas Gustavsson stated that:

“Open Source Sweden looks forward to being a part of APELL. Through this membership we can strengthen our international networking and cooperate with other organisations focusing on open source software”.

APELL co-founder Stéfane Fermigier of the France’s Free Software and Open Digital Enterprise Union welcomed Open Source Sweden:

“As cooperation between Member States around Open Source software and digital commons is set to accelerate in the coming months and years, APELL and its member associations are pleased to welcome Open Source Sweden in order to boost technical and business cooperation between our ecosystems”.

For more information contact:

  • Tomas Gustavsson, Board member, Open Source Sweden
  • Astor Nummelin Carlberg, Executive board member, APELL

About Open Source Sweden:
Open Source Sweden is an industry association that supports the interests of Swedish Open Source companies. It seeks to maintain the interests of Swedish companies dedicated to supplying Open Source products, development and services. Its mission is to stimulate a healthy market for Software through the development, provision, and support of products and services based on Open Source Software and Open Standards.

About APELL:
APELL (Association Professionnelle Européenne du Logiciel Libre) is Europe’s Open Source Business Association. Founded in 2020 to bring national Open Source Software organisations together into a European network to provide them with peer support and collective marketing, as well as capacity building and policy support for public affairs, both nationally and on the EU-level.

Download the APELL Press Release (PDF)

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